Products Technical Specifications

Quick Lime Powder

  • CaO : 92.5% ± 2
  • Loss on Ignition at 1000 °C : 2.5% ± 0.5
  • Grain Size: 90 % Passing 90 micron
  • Reactivity : High

Quick Lime Lumps

  • CaO : 92.5% ± 2
  • Loss on Ignition at 1000 °C : 4% ±2
  • Grain Size: 10- 60 mm
  • Reactivity : High

Hydrated Lime

  • Ca(OH)2 : 96 ±2%
  • LOI : 24 ± 0.50
  • Available Lime Index : 70 % ± 2
  • Bulk Density : 475kg/M ±5%
  • Grain Size : 98% Passing from 75 micron (min.)


  • CaO : 58% ± 2
  • MgO : 35% ± 2
  • LOI 4% ± 2
  • Grain Size : 0-60mm


Construction Related Activities

Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime are used as raw materials for the production of various construction materials such as
• Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks
• Calcium Silicate Bricks
• Render/Plaster
• Paint and Stucco putty

Lime in Infrastructure Facility

Quicklime dry out damp soils, improve the clay soils used in earthworks and is used to recycle excavated material. Hydrated lime consolidates cement filler in underground works such as tunnels. The performance of asphalt mixes used in the road construction can be improved by using lime. It also improves resistance to stripping, rutting and age-hardening.

Lime in Iron & Steel industries

Lime and DoloLime lumps used in the iron and steel process. It helps to form slag and thus removes harmful impurities such as phosphorous and silicon. It also help to achieve quality improvements in processes of hot metal desulphurization etc.

Lime in Water treatment

The pH correction is a very important factor in both drinking water and process water preparation. Hydrated Lime plays a very important role in this process. The water purification and pH correction are carried using hydrated lime. Lime milk is used as reagent for reducing water hardness.

Lime in Wastewater treatment

The pH balance in acidic waters is done using lime in waste water treatment plant. Also lime is used for precipitation of heavy . The urban bio solids are treated using lime and industrial residual sludge is stabilized using Lime.

Lime in Food industry

A high purity hydrated lime is used in food processing industry. It is used for refining sugar pulp, for increasing the density of fruit juice etc.

Lime in Glass industries

Dolomite based lime is a major component used in the glass industry. Dolomite lime maintains a constant chemical composition and particle size. The magnesium content in the dolomite improve resistance of float glass to the natural and chemical attack

Lime in Agriculture

Lime products are widely used in the agriculture and forestry. Mixtures of various type and proportion are used to correct or maintain balancing of soil acidity and for adding nutrients which contain magnesium and calcium. It performs as nutrients or fertilizers to soil and thus offers health and growth to plants.