Emirates Lime Factory

Emirates Lime Factory is one of the wings of Al Jazeera Factories – a professionally managed renowned group of industries, who has only innovation and uniqueness to their credit.


Emirates Lime Factory also is another innovative establishment as the first manufacturer of Lime based products in Abu Dhabi and only the second in the entire UAE, where Al Jazeera Factory for Construction Materials-Abu Dhabi and Delmon AAC Factory-Dubai are other two members of the group. Al Jazeera Factory has the credit of being the pioneer of AAC products in UAE and Delmon AAC Factory is considered as one of the largest manufacturer of AAC products in the entire UAE.

Emirates Lime Factory is established with an aim to cater to the existing local requirements of lime based products. As on today, almost all the manufacturer of AAC products have been using our Quick Lime and also more and more industries of Steel, Plaster, paint etc. are using our products such as Quick Lime, Hydrated Lime, Quick Lime Lumps etc.


Environment Health and Safety Policy

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